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Rumor: New evidence suggests GameCube Games are coming to Nintendo Switch

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One of the most anticipated functions for Switch is undoubtedly its Virtual Console; however, Nintendo has not revealed how this service will be available for its new console. This has caused the same community to generate theories about what we will see in this digital library of Switch. One of the rumors that have gained force is the arrival of GameCube Games to the Virtual Console of Nintendo Switch.

Recently, a new clue has emerged that reinforces this theory. One player claimed that he saw various GameCube games listed on the Nintendo of Europe website servers: Doshin The Giant and Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut. Although not the titles you would expect to see on Switch, the evidence might well refer to the imminent arrival of the Virtual Console with the games of GameCube.

The evidence specifies the name of the titles, type of game, date of release, as well as classification by ages. As you can see in the image above, many of the data is not yet confirmed and is indicated to be announced later.

Nintendo has acknowledged that fans look forward to the Virtual Console of Switch. Despite this, the company has also stated that it has not yet decided how this service will be. On the other hand, Yoshiaki Koizumi, assistant manager of the company, hinted that information will soon be available and that they are working on something related to GameCube.

For the moment, you have to take this new information with proper precaution, as it does not confirm that the titles of the last Nintendo console are on the way to Switch. We will have to wait until the company reveals more details of this digital library in the future.

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