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Nvidia praises Nintendo for taking risks with Switch

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For the development of Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company chose to work with Nvidia, one of the leading companies in the world of computer and chip development and graphics cards. The result was the use of Tegra X1 processor that gives life to the new console of Nintendo and has had great performance.

Logically, the success of Switch is also successful for Nvidia and recently the company celebrated the sales performance of the console.

During its most recent financial report to investors, Nvidia highlighted the success of Nintendo Switch and revealed that they are impressed with the results obtained at the time.

According to Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of the company, “One major component of our Tegra business is the Nintendo Switch gaming console, and it’s just doing incredibly well,” Huang said to investors. “I’m so happy for Nintendo because they’re risk takers. They’re innovators. They’re not influenced by what other people do, and they’re original thinkers. And I just love the way they invented the Switch and the way they’ve taken it to market. I’m so happy for them. And it’s doing really well.”

This is not the first time the Nvidia CEO compliments Nintendo Switch, previously he stated that the project impressed him from the beginning to the extent of ensuring that he was 15 years without being surprised in that way. In addition, some analysts have highlighted the success of the Nintendo console and the benefits it will bring to Nvidia.

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