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New Game Season 3: Cast Member, Premiere Date, And Plot!

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A whole anime that is coming for anime fans with a title as “CGDCT.” Some of the people who are wondering to know what is it? So CGDCT is called “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things.”

This genre has fixed with fans, and for anime producers, it’s more like a simple recipe for fulfillment. Most of the anime shows of this type are never inadequate. And ‘New Game’ is simply another one among those great anime shows that fall under this type. But aside from being an excellent CGDCT anime, ‘New Game’ is additionally amazing when it involves incorporating elements of comedy and “slice of life.”

Despite its obvious similarities with other shows within the genre, ‘New Game’ sets itself apart through its utterly distinct setup. Almost all of the CGDCT anime are set in high schools, but this show takes the danger of portraying the life of a personality within the adult world. What’s even more impressive is how it manages to portray the issue several of an adult. And still anyhow obtains it relatable for the shoujo crowd also.

The general story of this anime is sort of simplistic and lacks deep plot twists of any type. But it’s still delightful, and almost everything about it’s been executed just perfectly.

New Game Season 3 Releasing Date: When Will It Premiere?

The first season of New Game was premiered on 4th July 2016 and delayed to 19th September2016. After that, it was followed by another episode of OVA aired out on 3rd May 2017. Then the second season of the game was air out in the same year on 11th July 2017. Later on, it comes to some astonishing end on 26th September 2017 and exploring a series of 12 episodes.

But now there is no official announcement regarding the third season. However, fans are making some predictions about the release of the third season.

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Moreover, this anime has got much popularity after releasing the earlier two seasons. And the success of the previous two seasons will follow the renewal of the third season. Because this anime is showcasing all the aspects, fans are expecting from the manga series.

“Shotaro Tokuno” producer of manga series is launching the two seasons of this game consistently in one month. So if he keeps this sequence like this, then you can have the “New Game” season 3 in summer 2020. Till that you have to wait to enjoy this game.

New Game English Dub

The English dubbed version of the first two seasons of this game is available on Funimation.

New Game Plot

Aoba Suzukaze has been hooked into the “Fairies Story” fantasy computer game since childhood, and while most youngsters leave and play, she would spend her time indoors playing the sport. So naturally, after she graduates school, the primary job prospect that she cares about is functioning at Eagle Jump, which is that the company that’s liable for designing all the games that she grew up playing.

She manages to land the work, and for obvious reasons, she gets excited about her first day of labor. Her happiness knows no bounds when she realizes that she is going to be working with the lead character designer of the corporate, Kou Yagami, on the subsequent sequels Fairies Story’s sequels.

Soon, she starts communicating with other cast members of her department and realizes that just about everyone within the office shares an equivalent passion as her for the sport. From the monstrosity character of the designer of the game to the chief stage director of the corporate, everyone within the office is decided to offer their followers a different experience of gaming.

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‘New Game’ follows the adventurous aspects of Aoba and every one the others in her office, as they plan to make the right game by designing their characters within the absolute best method and observing their way around errors and bugs. Everyone has its own ups and downs while they work towards a standard goal, but they still keep working hard and embrace the method.

New Game Characters

Aoba Suzukaze is the leading character of the show, whose pretty structure makes her a schoolgirl. Her eyes and hair are both purples. Moreover, her dress is also of very flushed complexion.

At first, when she starts working at the office, due to the lack of experience in the plot, she spends most of her time practicing 3-D modeling with the help of a book. But being the smart-learner that she is, she quickly learns all the basics and becomes eligible for some real work.

Kou Yagami is also known as Ko Yagami, and she is another leading character of the show and the main designer character of “Eagle Jump Company.” She is also assembling the cast of the game like “Faries Stories.” It also impresses the Aoba to look like a designer character.

Kou’s long golden hair and has the light-blue color of eyes. She keeps her dresses minimalistic and is frequently seen wearing a black T-Shirt and jeans over it.

She is fairly set back and is often seen mistaking around doing nothing at all. But when we are talking about designing characters, she is an out-and-out mastermind, and once she gets to it, she does not stop herself till she’s made another developing her perfect characters.

Ko is a character of really high standards, and Aoba contains a taste of this when her proposals get banned more than once during her initial working days at the office.

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