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Download Minecraft PE 1.20.60 and (Free version): MCPE 1.20.60 on Android


Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.60 and on Android: visit mysterious Trial Chambers, get some copper, beware of Breeze!


Minecraft 1.20.60 and Trial Chambers, Breeze, Copper

Ever since the announcement of Trial Chambers, players have realized how many interesting things await them this year. And after minecraft release 1.20.60, users can see all the new content in the game, including Breeze, Armadillo, Trial Spawner, and more.

Dangerous dungeons

Minecraft PE 1.20.60 and users can find Trial Chambers in various Overworld locations. These are structures made of tuff and copper, so that players can get these materials inside.

It is also worth paying attention to the chests that can be located in the Trial Chambers. There may be treasures in them. These dungeons are considered dangerous, firstly, because aggressive mobs spawn inside.

If players want to get rewards here, they need to kill aggressive mobs.

Trial spawners will create many mobs if there are more than one player. This is a great place to play with friends and test your fighting skills.

Trial Chambers inhabitants

Players can meet mobs such as Zombies, Skeletons, Strays, Spiders, and many others in the Trial Chamber. But the most dangerous and unpredictable creature of the Minecraft 1.20.60 and world is Breeze.

This mob can cause damage to anyone who happens to be nearby. The animation of this creature involves jumping around a target, sometimes over long distances. Breeze uses wind charges to fight. They explode when they collide with an object. Such wind attacks can also push buttons, extinguish candles and open doors.


This new neutral mob inhabits the Savanna and likes to eat spider eyes. It is completely harmless to the Minecraft PE 1.20.60 and players. When an Armadillo is threatened, it rolls up. For example, this happens when a player is running nearby or riding a horse. The animal is also afraid of all aggressive mobs.

If there is no threat within 3 seconds, Armadillo will return to its normal state.

If the player has a tamed wolf, he may need special armor. It can be obtained with the help of Armadillo Scutes. Users receive these items using a drop. Of course, in this case Minecraft 1.20.60 and users will have to kill a defenseless animal.

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