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Sony Japan Studio opens official YouTube channel with Legend of Zelda and Sea of Thieves references

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Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia opened a new YouTube channel dedicated to the leading Japanese studio of SCE Japan. The company has chosen well to abandon the previous broadcasting service of Nico Nico in favor of the platform of Google for its future communications.

Sony Japan Studio has decided to abandon the platform of Nico Nico for its future streaming, finally moving on YouTube: it was thus opened a new channel dedicated to the software company, which you can find at the bottom of our news.

Interestingly, the transmission has not been dedicated exclusively to products of PlayStation: at the minutes of 01:31:20, in fact, there were shown some pictures of the booth of Nintendo dedicated to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, set up on the occasion of last E3. If the reference to the house of Kyoto does not prove to be quite surprising, here appeared at the minutes of 1:33:30 the stand of Microsoft focused on Sea of Thieves, which is praised for its artistic style.

The worldwide success obtained by Sony, therefore, allows itself the luxury of the company to praise the work of competitors. Even President Shuhei Yoshida, in the recent past, described the new title devoted to the adventures of Link as “Epic, Huge Game”. You can see the first streaming on the YouTube channel of the studio of SCE Japan in the bottom of the news.