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Double Dragon IV coming to PS4 and PC on January 30, first Teaser Trailer released

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Arc System Works has announced the new installment of the classic saga of Double Dragon with a teaser. Double Dragon IV will be launched on January 30 on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Arc System Works has announced Double Dragon IV for Sony PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. The title will be launched worldwide on January 30, and in Japan it will be proposed at the price of 800 yen.

The new chapter of the famous beat’em up scrolling saga will offer the same visual style of the episodes that came out in the course of the ’80s, but will add some items. In addition, each mode can be played by two users simultaneously. The story will take place after the elimination of the Shadow Warriors in Double Dragon II.

It is a downloadable game that will continue the story after removal of the Shadow Warriors in Double Dragon II. As we can see in the video, it will bet on a near retro style close to NES. All modes can be played in cooperative.

Participating the team of the original arcade version, including the producer Takaomi Kaneko, director Yoshihisa Kishimoto, character designer Koji Ogata, composer Kazunaka Yamane and programmer Kei Oyama.

The saga began in 1987 in the hands of Technos Japan as a spiritual successor to Renegade. It belongs to the genre beat’em up brawls against several rivals and contributed to the popularity of these games, among which are Final Fight, Streets of Rage and many others.