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Phil Spencer clarifies his previous comments about DLC Exclusivity and more

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Phil Spencer has returned to comment on some statements recently released on Twitter, where he indicated that timed exclusive DLCs as deleterious for the video game industry.

In a recent exchange of tweets with fans, Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox, had shared his idea of ​​growth for the world of video games, explaining that in his opinion the companies that pay for exclusive time on DLC not do good for the industry.

Responding to those who pointed to note that Microsoft, in the past and present, have similar behaviors, Spencer clarified his position, turning off any possible controversy nip in the bud.

“People getting worked up on this, Never said Xbox has never done this, not calling out others, just not practice I like, that’s it,” commented the head of the gaming giant of Redmond.

A convincing denial, or is it a Microsoft policy born before the recruitment of Spencer as the head of Xbox, from which they would like breaking free in the future?

What do you think of the temporary DLC exclusivity agreements? Are these a necessary marketing move or they really hurt the growth of industry? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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