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The perfect eco-friendly wallet for art lovers

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Wallets are a vital accessory in our lives, providing us with a safe means of carrying our cash or cards, and representing a part of our personality, both in style and design, and recently in materials.

In the European market, there are more and more wallet producers, and often we see the same designs. However, on the Iban Wallet marketplace, we can find different projects to buy merchandise, one of them being Paprcuts, who not only offers new models but also cares about the environment.

Since its inception, Paprcuts has been aware of the problem of waste and climate change in the world. Combining their great love for the environment, as well as their great ideas and designs, they have made a perfect union of wallets with different designs made from sustainable materials.

Wallets that look cool with environmental consciousness

Paprcuts factory is located in Berlin, Germany, producing unisex wallets for hipsters, ideal for every occasion. They, like us, are concerned about the climate impact of materials such as plastic and its derivatives, which, having a very long lifespan, become waste for a long time.

The company has turned around single-use plastic materials, offering us wallets with sustainable vegan materials, such as synthetic leather made from vegetable leather, which is very pleasant to the touch.

They have also sought to give a second life to plastic, having a wide range of unisex wallets made from plastic fibers, which makes them waterproof and highly resistant to tears and daily wear and tear. All wallets, regardless of their material, are 100% recyclable.

The art of the soul printed on a wallet

As an artist, we know that you capture the world in a unique way, and in addition to sharing your concern for the environment, Paprcuts offers us a wide variety of wallets, many of them unisex, avoiding sizing problems.

In that regard, the company offers us their normal wallet size, but for those who like to keep their coins separate, there is a smaller model just for storage. If you’re looking for a wallet, let us recommend one that has become our favorite.

It’s the Abstract Retro wallet, a unisex wallet that reminds us of cubism with its colorful patterns and shapes, expressing your more artistic side. It may not be the perfect wallet for you, in which case you can browse the entire store, but we warn you that you will want to take more than one. To make your purchase, remember that you can enter the Iban Wallet site for a faster and safer purchase.