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GeForce Now Available on Android, Download APK File Now

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Although it is almost never mentioned when it comes to game streaming, Nvidia was the first among the big ones to experiment with this technology through the Nvidia GeForce Now service. Until now only available on PC and Shield devices, it seems that Nvidia has now made available the GeForce Now on Android smartphones.

For the uninitiated, the service allows you to access the company’s servers and use their GPUs to play the titles made available. In other words, all the processing takes place on the servers while the smartphone only serves to display the video and send the commands.

In addition to making it available for Android smartphones, the Nvidia GeForce Now service can now also count on the new RTX GPU servers with Turing architecture: this means that the performance and quality of gaming will benefit, as well as support for many more players.

The new Nvidia GeForce Now app has arrived on the Play Store, and is available all over the world now. In August, we learned that Nvidia would expand the scope of the streaming service by releasing a new app that would support Android devices outside the Shield line, but since the service is still in beta, it seems that more tests should be needed.

In case you want to try your luck and check if the service works with your Android smartphone or tablet, here we leave the link to proceed with the download of the APK file to be installed manually (APK Mirror has never been hit by security holes). In this case, we remind you to enable the permissions for the installation of apps from unknown sources, ie all those downloaded outside the Play Store.