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Death Stranding PS4 Minimum File Size Revealed

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Missing now less than a month for the release of one of the most talked-about titles in recent years, more and more details are emerging about the intriguing work of Kojima Productions. November 8th, the launch date of Death Stranding, is in fact ever closer now.

Today the amount of free storage space used by the title on PlayStation 4 has been revealed. A quantity that, to be honest, is not even particularly surprising.

Death Stranding on PS4 will indeed require “Minimum” 55 GB of free space on the PS4 console, a lower requirement than other similar productions, such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

In any case, it must be considered the fact that this file size is the one required to install the title on disk and, consequently, over time it could increase without problems following various updates and patches. In addition, we are sure that those 55 GB will give us a decidedly unique experience.

In recent news, a journalist who had a chance to try Death Stranding at PAX Australia explained that the game has a nightmare setting similar to Silent Hills. On the other hand, the review embargo date of the game was also confirmed.

Remember that Death Stranding will release on November 8 next month exclusively on PS4. What do you think of this news and the hard disk space required by the first work of Kojima Productions? Did you expect this smaller file size or were you surprised by what was revealed? Let us know about your opinions in the comments below.

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