E3 2017: Announcement of a new Microsoft exclusive produced by Square Enix in sight?

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It would seem that during this year’s E3, Square Enix will announce three new games, one of which would seem to be exclusive to PC and Xbox One.

Missing only a few days for the beginning of E3 2017, many fans are anxiously waiting for what will be the exclusive announcements for various consoles. The curiosity falls mainly on the flagship home of Microsoft, Xbox One.

According to what Amazon Italy has uploaded on its servers, Square Enix is expected to announce three new titles during the fair, including one apparently coming to PC and Xbox One. This was revealed by Amazon Italy that has added so many games in its catalog that do not have a real title right now but only codenames.

Amazon Italy has recently made preparations for some games, still hidden by some codenames, to be announced at E3 2017. Among these, plus some titles of Bethesda and Deep Silver, we also have three video game titles of Square Enix, one of which is apparently coming to PC and Xbox One (effectively excluding PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch).

Could it, therefore, be an announcement of a new Microsoft exclusive produced by Square Enix? We just have to wait for the start of E3 2017 to learn more about it.


  • In order for exclusives to profit MS will need to pay as much to SE as SE would make off the ps4 version. There are too many ps4 users out there to miss that big of a platform to sell games on for this popular of a company. A year after when the game gets its goty edition a large % of that ps4 userbase will have moved on. Lots of games to get through on ps4. Too much cutthroat going on today.

  • nowhere in the title or the article it says new ip, all it says is a new game for pc/xb1 which it can also mean a game that is already on ps4 since then it would be new to pc/xb1

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