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Razer Announces Project Valerie Triple-Monitor Gaming Laptop, Teaser Revealed

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In the framework of the technology event of CES 2017, which is currently carried out in Las Vegas, the company Razer introduced a laptop concept which is called Project Valerie, with which it aims to eradicate the difficulty of adding more monitors to a laptop, Something that is very usual in gaming with desktop PCs.

Because the Razer Blade Pro with its configurations and tough prices does not seem to be enough, Razer is working on the Project Valerie, a triple screen laptop. In the aisles of the CES 2017, conventional products rub shoulders with more original proposals and not necessarily destined to lead to a commercialization. The Project Valerie of Razer ranks certainly in the second category.

According to the model presented by Razer, the laptop of Project Valerie would not only have 3 screens, but would possess the virtue of expanding from one to 3 at the push of a button. The demonstration of how it would work was presented with a video, in which it is observed that from the main screen emerges another screen on each side of the laptop.

This laptop would be a thicker version of the Razer Blade Pro of 2016, the best computer that the brand has placed on the market so far, and additional screens would be 17.3 inches with 4K IGZO.

The CES 2017 Technology Event is currently held in Las Vegas, from the 5th to the 8th of January.

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