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Zynga apologizes for random pricing of DLC

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Zynga has ended up in the eye of many players due to the random price of micro-transactions of CSR Racing 2: at the beginning of the week, the company made available in-game a car from Fast & Furious 8, unlockable at varying prices, or 4.99 dollars, USD 14.99 and $34.99.

Three different prices managed casually by the system as part of a test. This idea was not positively welcomed by the community and the players have stormed the social channels of Zynga complaining of price disparities and car cost, assigned as said casually.

The company has apologized for what happened and announced that those who have paid more than the $4.99 will receive a bonus package to be used in-game.

“From time to time we test different features in the game, and on this occasion the price of the cars was set randomly as part of a test,” the company declared. “While the test has been completed and everyone should now have the same experience in CSR2, we want to acknowledge that we heard from many of you that this test created a poor experience.

“We apologise for any frustration this test may have caused and want to assure you it was done at random and not based on player history. Testing features is an important part of game development but we’re sorry this test missed the mark and disrupted your game experience,” the company said in a statement.

Unfortunately, however, there will be no reimbursement. Currently, the car in question cost the tune of $15, which will be used as a reference price for the package.