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After May 30 zoom to compulsorily set up its 5.0 update with encryption

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On Friday zoom to compulsorily, a Video meet app announced that after May 30, all clients who are using older versions of this app would be given a forced 5.0 update when trying to link meetings as GCM encryption would be completely enabled across the stage.

After facing quite a lot of safety and privacy problems last month, the zoom to compulsorily app released a much-awaited update 5.0 to its well-liked video conferencing facility with several privacy and security developments.


What is the statement of Zoom Company?

In a statement, the company said, “Please inform all your customers to zoom to compulsorily 5.0 upgrade. After 30th, may all clients of zoom app who are accessing older versions will get a forced upgrade notification when they try to attend meetings as GCM encryption will be fully enabled the Zoom platform transversely.”

These are the features of the updated app

The new features of Zoom 5.0 contain better AES 256-bit GCM encryption. Routing control of essential data, better host controls. And many more things for daily users worldwide, over 300 million.

With the new update of Zoom 5.0, a new encryption guard shows. On the upper left side of your window of the Zoom Meeting. It points out a protected, encrypted meeting. Now, meeting hosts and co-hosts of the Zoom app can also report a client in their meeting who is wasting time on the platform.

After May 30, the users will find the shield in green colour, indicating enhanced GCM encryption. Moreover, getting on the symbol takes the consumer of this app to the Statistics page for extra encryption facts.

Also, all hosts of the meeting can now choose data center. These areas at the setting up level for webinars and conferences.

A client of The Zoom app also confirms which data centre the user is connected to in the Info icon in the upper left of the zoom to compulsorily window of the user.

With a new UI update of the zoom to compulsorily app. All hosts can noticeably choose among ending or leaving a meeting session.

The company also said:

If the host leaves the meeting, the option of select a new host will be there. Now a host can leave without and select a new host without any disturbance of all meeting attendees.