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Zombi – PS4 Gameplay Video

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Zombi , that came first on Wii U, is now available on PS4. This game offers you a simple zombie shooting gameplay where you can fight and deal with a variety of zombies that is coming up in the way. The below gameplay video offers you a long but some impressive glimpse of Zombi game. It is not offering you any unique stuff, but if you love survival horror shooting game then this would be enough to entertain you for hours. The video is provided below that offers you around 1 hour of Zombi gameplay.

Zombi Game Screenshot
Zombi Game Screenshot

Zombi game was first released on Wii U in the year 2012. Then after quite a long time it has finally released on PS4 also. Zombi is also available for download on Xbox One and PC edition. The game offers some nice zombie shooting based gameplay with different levels. As usual you can use a variety of weapons to deal with the zombies in the game.

Zombi game is going to costs round $29.95. There is different price tag for the game on the basis of differnet regions and this game will also come in the form of downloadable content. We need to check whether the game will have some extra features or not since it came around in 2012 Wii U. We hope that it might not be just the ported version. Many remakes will be making its way in the coming months that brings more levels and some extra additions other than just the regular same old gameplay. Below is a video of the game that explains a lot about Zombi.

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