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Zelda: Breath of the Wild completed in less than 1 hour by a Speedrunner

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It has only been a week since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the speedrunners have made their own by finishing the game in less than a trip per meter. However, the records are about to be broken, and this is well known by gymnast86, who finished the game in less than 1 hour.

That’s right, yesterday, gymnast86 finished Breath of the Wild in 58 minutes and 1 second. This figure is quite impressive if we take into account that the first speedrunner took 3 hours with 39 minutes to reach the end of the game and then Venick completed the adventure in 1 hour with 5 minutes. This is because several players have found routes to reach the final battle.

One of the techniques that gymnast86 used in his journey was to keep the D-pad down while holding down the B button, which makes it possible to hold the race while recovering some resistance.

Another point that helped gymnast86 was to get Epona without using amiibo. This is all a matter with speedrunners, as some are in favor of using this amiibo to improve their times, while others consider buying a figure just to finish before the game is silly.

“I feel like using amiibos is somewhat cheating. I’d rather see more creative, longer routes than magically getting better items right away,” commented gymnast86. “To me, it seems silly to want to get rid of a cheap piece of plastic which makes runs of this game slightly faster.”

“This was a bad race,” said gymnast86 after acquiring the world record. He explained that because the game is relatively new, there are still some things that can improve to finish the game in less time.

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Example of this is that, depending on the language and version, the game lasts less. The digital title of Wii U has faster load times and in PAL regions you can change the language to German, which reduces the performance of voice in 12 seconds; gymnast86 used the English version to set the record.

We know you’d rather take the time to enjoy Link’s adventure, so tell us how your adventure in Hyrule has gone.