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Yu Suzuki Is Not Planning To Bring Shenmue III on Nintendo Switch for the Moment

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Yu Suzuki does not plan to release a version of Shenmue III for Nintendo Switch, according to the creator in a recent interview. The game is still planned, therefore, only for PC and for PlayStation 4 console.

Yu Suzuki, who recently explained that Shenmue III will not be the final chapter of the series as it will have an open ending, talked about a possible version of the game long awaited by fans of the series born on Dreamcast for Nintendo Switch.

In an interview with the French site Gameblog, he was asked if there was a Shenmue III version for the hybrid console of Nintendo. The editor left a bit ‘far, introducing the question by remembering that when the game was announced in 2015 no one expected the success that Nintendo Switch is having.

Suzuki responded with a laugh that this is secret information. When Gameblog was about to go beyond the developer, he felt the need to specify that there is nothing to be said about a possible Nintendo Switch version of Shenmue III and that there are no plans to bring the game to that platform.

Shenmue III is underway by Ys Net under the direction of Yu Suzuki. The game will be published by Deep Silver with a release that is expected to take place this year, although for now no specific dates have been given for its debut.

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