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Ys Seven launches on PC via Steam this summer, 11 minutes of gameplay video published

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Xseed Games announced that YS Seven will hit PC (via Steam) over this summer. The game was originally released on PSP in 2009, a Windows version was launched the following year in China alone.

Released on PSP in 2009, Ys Seven will still have good days ahead of it. XSEED Games announces the arrival of the game on PC via Steam for this summer.

The publisher has, however, indicated that in this case we are faced with a port built from scratch, so it is not an adaptation of the output version for the Chinese market seven years ago. Japanese RPG, of course, receives a lot of graphics amendments, improved location and will operate in 60 frames per second.

Xseed has not released other details about the price and release date of Ys Seven for PC, but the first eleven minutes of gameplay were shown during a livestream, you can see them in the video posted below, as of 1:24:40 minutes.

No further information has yet been disclosed. However, XSEED Games should soon be bringing new information about this port.

Ys Seven debuted on PSP in September 2009 (Europe and US players had to wait a year longer). The game has collected a good evaluation: it was praised mainly for its dynamic and powerful combat system which plays a key role properly fit to use arms for the enemy, which happens to measure the use of individual skills as well as effective blocking attacks.

Watch live video from XSEED_Games on

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