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YouTube Gaming Live streaming service launched recently

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YouTube is a large online media sharing platform. Now YouTube has came up with an entirely new service called as YouTube Gaming Live Streaming. This service is recently launched and Youtuber’s will be able to stream live game content directly on this huge platform. If you had used Twitch then you can have a fair idea how this service really works. Twitch is a leading media broadcast platform for gamers. Many gamers worldwide use Twitch to broadcast their game content and now to compete that YouTube has also come out with a similar kind of service.

YouTube Gaming Live streaming image
YouTube Gaming Live streaming image

YouTube already has a video streaming option. You can create your channel and live stream your video on the site in real-time mode. A new service is introduced for Gamers. You can simply upload your live streaming videos on the Let’s Play section.

YouTube Gaming is a different section where subscribers and visitors can search for latest game content and simply get more and more information. Along with that live streaming users can also rewind the game video. The maximum rewind it offers is 4 hours for a live video stream. All you have to do is go on You can use your login to create your account and keep your video uploaded. The UI is pretty simple.

At the right side you can see the most popular channels and you can check out what all things are done.  On the left section you can checkout Trending section where you will find the most recent happening games.

YouTube is a very popular service that offers a simple and yet easy to use online service. For better streaming you need to have a good internet bandwidth if you are using the live streaming service. You can easily connect your system and then upload the videos on the same. Also if you are a game freak then you can find out a variety of live gameplay on the same.

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