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Your Guide to Fishing in Azsuna

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Fishing is a secondary skill and can be turned into a profession by any player in the World of Warcraft. Fishing is fun and relaxing and helps you earn money. As you can catch luxurious items during fishing, including mounts, the chances of earning rewards are higher!

A careful bait selection is essential, along with patience, to catch rewarding hauls, from cases and trunks to seafaring delicacies that restore health. The chances of catching rate reagents and lost items in the ocean or swallowed by sea creatures are high.

Learning fishing is easy and can be adapted as a hobby or a secondary professional irrespective of the primary profession that a player devotes themselves to. You can begin fishing when you have a fishing rod and bait. You can purchase any fishing rod from any fishing trainer. Shipping at different locations will yield different results. Most catches are valuable when you fish them out of the water. The mileage you prepare is dependent on how you prepare the dish.


How to Fish?

If you’re starting fishing, you can learn the skills required from the fishing trainers. As you are beginning, a fishing pole will be optional that you can purchase from general trade goods on fishing supplies vendors. Once your fishing skill reaches a high or good level, it will be an excellent time to acquire a fishing pole that will increase your fishing skills further. Also, purchase baits from vendors to use them and catch fish from a pond, a river, a lake, or a section of the coast.

About Azsuna

Located in the southwestern part of Broken Isles, the Azsuna island holds the night elf civilization ruins that existed before the Great Sundering. The Blue Dragonflight and the ghosts of ancient night elves roam in this area. It is the location where the heroes of Azeroth, along with the minions of Azshara, created the Pillars of Creation.

Best Places to Fish in Azsuna

Although there are many places to fish in Azsuna, the waters near Nar’thalas Academy are the best spot. You will also find a handful of fishing spots around the pagoda-styled structures. You can also fish for the giants right in the middle of the water. The water gets shallow and makes it interesting, bringing it closer to the queen fish node.

It is important to remember that the rebel elves overrun Azsuna. However, nightfall remains silent and peaceful.

With the Legion expansion taking place, fishing in Azsuna is receiving a major overhaul. Understanding what has changed and what will change will help you find the best spots to fish and earn rewards and much more.

New fishes are available for catch in Legion, including fish species, global fishing quests, new fishing weapons, and more. Although the activity was better in Draenor, fishing has become much more exciting and rewarding with these updates.

Water Striders

Blizzard allowed water striders in the released expansions, now available as Reins of Azure and Reins of Crimson Water Striders. As you cannot fly in the game yet, with the help of the mounts available, you can walk on water and explore a water source. It gives a significant advantage against players who do not have it. When an enemy hits, you will stop walking on water, but the shot will not dismount you.

You can purchase the Reins of Water Strider from Nat Pagle, a vendor, for 100 Nat’s lucky coins. And for the Reins of Azure Water Strider, you must shell out 4,000 lucky coins only after you earn Exalted Status from The Anglers.

Fishing Rafts

Blizzard had the idea of removing the fishing raft in the Legion for the players. However, he disregarded it! Because of this, there is an advantage for a player to use fishing rafts to walk on water to move at a faster pace. In addition, the raft is beneficial in terms of fishing because you can reach the ideal spots for fishing that are far from the coast. However, remember that the raft will no longer be functional if an enemy hits you. That said, you will have a buffer time of 10 minutes, after which you can recast unlimited.

Once you become a part of The Anglers, you can purchase the fishing raft for 800.

Everything About the Fish

The previous release made it possible to turn a massive saber fish into fleshy parts. However, you can use the entire fish for cooking in this update. The upgrade is worth it because it saves space in the guild bank and time collecting the fish. Another advantage of the update is the removal of fish flesh and the three tiers associated with the sizes. If you are part of The Anglers, you do not need a few more fish to get a number that will turn into a whole number.

What makes fishing in Azsuna an unusual activity is that you can start fishing right from the first level. Once you begin the action, you will build your way up to reach different tiers. Each tier will help you purchase different fishing gear, which in turn helps you acquire beneficial rewards. Likewise, you can mix various mollusks into a single fish, avoiding the need to catch plenty of fish at once.

The fishing pole is the first artifact to appear during the Legion expansion. Remember that you will not receive the fishing pole automatically, but you must work much harder to earn it. The growth of your level in fishing will determine what kind of fishing pole you can use at a different level. Nonetheless, you can get the fishing artifact Patch 7.3.5 by playing the game in a mod.

Once you reach the coin fountain in Dalaran, as you follow Marcia Chase, you will be accessed for 675 special skills before you can fish in the Legion. Therefore, ensure you have all the skills and necessary equipment before you visit the coin fountain.

The following are the items that you can fish in Azsuna:

  • Raw fish: You can fish from saltwater to freshwater fish, depending on your skill level.
  • Bloated fish: These species mistake a gem for a meal. Therefore, you have the chance to cut open and retrieve the gems.
  • Trophy fish: The higher the weight, the rarer they are! Role players utilize them for different purposes, while others use them in the Auction House to sell for large amounts.
  • Alchemy reagents: Deviate fish, firefin snapper, oily blackmount, and stonescale eel are used to prepare alchemy recipes that produce ethereal oil, which you can use for water walking.
  • Containers: If you are lucky, you will fish trunks and locked chests that contain engineering supplies.

Other fish variants that you can catch are silver mackerel, cursed queenfish, highmountain salmon, stormray, and black barracuda. The special fish that you can catch is Leyscale Koi.