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Can you change your Delaware registered agent?

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Having a registered agent is highly beneficial for you as a business owner. They can help protect your business and image, they can help you manage all the paperwork and taxes, they handle all the lawsuits for you and they always provide you with excellent customer service. However, what happens if you find a different registered agent and you want to change it? Here is some information to consider before you do.

How do I choose a Delaware registered agent?

When it comes to choosing a Delaware registered agent, it has to be done during the LLC process. When it comes to the step for filing your Articles of Organisation, you would need to visit the site where you can download the Certificate of Formation that is required by Delaware as state and pay a fee of $90. Once you have filed out the form, you have to choose who will be your registered agent and then you can send the completed form either via mail or in person.

What happens if I change my mind about my Delaware registered agent?

You can change your registered agent, however, in Delaware specifically, it is a $50 fee if you do. In order to change your registered agent, you would need to file out a form on the Delaware Secretary of State website and have consent from the new registered agent. This can all be done effortlessly and it is a speedy procedure.

Is it required to have a registered agent in Delaware?

In all states of America it is legally required to have a registered agent. There are many services out there that you can hire for a fair price and you won’t break the bank with the rates for the packages that they offer. You can, however, be a self registered agent if you are a legal citizen of the state that you are applying in. As a self registered agent, you would need to be on the clock at all times at your business, be 18 and over and if you are to be served, it can happen in front of your colleagues and family. You also have to have good time management to meet all deadlines for your annual filing and legal paperwork.

What is the benefit of having a registered agent in Delaware?

Unlike other states, when you hire a registered agent in Delaware they would handle your business with full discretion and complete professionalism. They would notify you quietly about any potential lawsuits and keep you updated with any paperwork that would need to be completed on time. 

Most registered agent services have a personalised online dashboard tailored for you, so that they can upload all of your documents online in an organised file. Some offer additional advice from attorneys and accountants, which is a major benefit to have as an LLC business owner. Registered agents can be liable for the damage  of the company if they fail to meet their deadlines and fail to inform your LLC business about any lawsuits.

Our say

Having a registered agent is not just legally required, but it is important to have for any business owner with an LLC company. It can save you time for all the paperwork that would need to be completed, it can help save your reputation as a business owner and a company, it can help save you money but cutting down on costs when setting up your LLC and you will always get helpful and professional advice.

The cost of hiring a registered agent can vary, for some formation services offer a free registered agent, whereas if you want to specifically go to a registered agent it can all depend on the price they charge you. Being a registered agent isn’t the same as being a business owner, however they have the responsibility of behalf of the company by maintaining all the legal paperwork, taxes and lawsuits.


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