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A Young Mexican Offers His Vote In Exchange for Xbox One

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Mexican politicians do their best to gain popularity before the election arrives. Some people see this as the ideal time to demand some important changes or even make personal requests that are sometimes out of place, here in this case related to a gaming console of Xbox One.

According to a report from El Universal, some young people do not hesitate to offer their votes to candidates in exchange for something specific. If you wonder what this has to do with video games, you should know that one of them offers his vote in exchange for an Xbox One console.

The publication details that a young man, who lives in Mérida, Yucatán, demands a new Xbox One with 2 controls in exchange for his effective vote in the next elections. In case the interested party does not want to give a console, he can also offer the fan $10,000 MXN (peso).

The young man even offers payment facilities in case of not having all the cash. “My vote has a price of 10 thousand [pesos] or an Xbox One with 2 new controls, I am willing to cooperate selling it only for what I ask,” the boy wrote on an unnamed sales page.

The report indicates that more people have fallen in this practice; however, the rest asks only for money in exchange for their vote. As the Mexican publication correctly points out, the General Law of Electoral Crimes punishes any person who pays or promises either cash or any other good in exchange for a vote.

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