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Yoko Taro wants to do a Nier Remake


During a special Famitsu broadcast, several members of the NieR: Automata developer team gathered to celebrate the success of the game. The director Yoko Taro, producer Yosuke Saito, game designer Isao Negishi and composer Keiichi Okabe talked and joked about the future of this series and its most recent installment.

This event was held because, despite the forecasts, NieR: Automata has already sold more than 1 million copies. For this reason, Yoko Taro was questioned about the possibility of seeing the first game of the saga in the consoles of new generation.

Regarding this issue, Isao Negishi was enthusiastic and assured that they would work on the remake of Nier without hesitation. The development team also used to talk about the next downloadable contents that will arrive to NieR: Automata. According to Taro, the costumes that will arrive as DLC belong to the last game of the saga, reason why he hopes that the players are more interested in playing that title. This, in turn, it would increase the demand to see its remake in the market.

Yoko Taro was also questioned on the subject, to which he replied: “I would do anything if I get the money for it.” Finally, Yosuke Saito mentioned that if NieR: Automata sells enough, it will definitely be possible to make the remake of the original Nier. The developers did not confirm anything; however, there is a good chance that this project will see the light due to the great success that NieR: Automata is having.

For the good reception of NieR: Automata, Square Enix will relaunch the first NieR for PS3.

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