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Yoko Taro Open To Create Nier Automata Sequel If Square Enix Gives Him Money

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On the occasion of the Pax East, the head of GameReactor was able to interview Yoko Taro, the eccentric director of NieR Automata, an action game available on PlayStation 4 and PC that managed to earn the praise of critics and players.

The title developed by Platinum Games and published by Square-Enix was at the center of the interview. Asked about the plausible arrival of a sequel to the NieR series, following the great success of Automata, Taro said the following:

“If Square-Enix gives me money I will create anything,” said the Japanese director, who as usual is not lost in too many words. “So I think let Square-Enix know and I think if Square-Enix wants it I’ll do it.”

The director also talked about the choice to include multiple endings in his game, to be unlocked through the completion of three playthroughs. Apparently, the decision was forced by the monetary budget made available to Platinum and Taro, which did not make it possible to apply more complex solutions.

“When thinking that we wanted players to play a long time with our game, play many times, we were limited to the number of levels we could create cost-wise and budget-wise and so we devised this multiple playthroughs [design], so that we can create an environment where you want to play multiple times but limit the amount of places we had to create. So it actually was based on monetary issues.”

NieR Automata is available for PC and PS4. Also, Yosuke Saito has recently expressed himself on the possible arrival of a sequel to the game.

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