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Yo-kai Watch 4 Delayed A Couple Weeks in Japan

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Yo-kai Watch 4, The Level-5 game was initially planned to be launched on June 6, but now players will have to wait until the 20th of the same month in Japan to play this game.

Yo-kai Watch 4 will not reach Japanese stores on June 6. Level-5 has slightly delayed the expected new title of one of the most prolific sagas of recent times in those lands. On this occasion, the wait will be short, two weeks: June 20.

The Fukuoka studio led by Akihiro Hino has argued that this small delay is due to quality issues; They want to make sure that the small details meet the expectations of the studio, which will also be the demands of the players.

We speak of a title that will apply many changes in the franchise, not so much for being the first to be launched on a console like Nintendo Switch, which has domestic system capabilities, but for radically changing its combat system by inheriting elements from another JRPG of the house like Ni No Kuni II. The final stretch of the development of Yo-kai Watch 4 has not been easy, as this has not been the only time the title has been delayed.

The exploration of the world will not change beyond the perspective of the camera. The story, meanwhile, will introduce different space-time trips between portals, enemies, and threats that players will have to deal with.

In other news related to Level-5, this week we knew that The Snack World, that other new IP of the studio already launched in Japan, and will reach the West in 2020. A title reminiscent of Fantasy Life where we will have to collect materials, improve all classes and fight in dungeons with a gameplay based on action in real time, almost a beat ’em up. Soon we will know more details about it, as well as the eventual arrival of Yo-kai Watch 4 to the western markets.