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Yakuza 7 Officially Announced for PS4, First Details & Trailer; Releases in 2020

Practically two years have elapsed since the first time SEGA hinted that it was working on a sequel to Yakuza 6, which would be starring a new character. After such a long wait, it has finally announced officially the development of Yakuza 7 for PS4 at a conference it has held in Tokyo.

Indeed, we will have to say goodbye to Kazuma Kiryu and welcome Ichiban Kasuga, whose story will tell us that he was sent to jail for 18 years after voluntarily taking responsibility for a crime he did not commit. When he was leaving the prison, no one was waiting for him, so he decided to go visit the head of the clan of which he was a part to receive a bullet in return.

Therefore, in this story of betrayal, we must discover the true motives as we travel this time around a completely different environment when settling this time in a Yokohama neighborhood. Of course, all these changes will be joined by another and perhaps the most striking of all as is its new combat system.

In all the Yakuza we were going to see has combinations of attacks with a direct action. Instead, this new title will bet on a more leisurely system and more similar to that of an RPG. Therefore, players must choose the techniques that Ichiban and his group will execute to cross the faces of the thugs they encounter, with different types of attacks, support, healing effects and spectacular sequences.

Yakuza 7 will launch in Japan for PlayStation 4 on January 16, 2020; in the United States, it will arrive sometime in 2020. Although it does not contain any gameplay, we leave you with its first official trailer below.

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