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Yakuza 6 New Gameplay Video Shows the Power of New Dragon Engine

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Through a stream, SEGA showed more gameplay video of Yakuza 6, where we can see part of the city, combats and a mission where Kiryu should bring a baby safely to its destination.

Yakuza 6 Wallpaper

Without much fanfare or repetitive announcements, Yakuza 6 is slowly but surely becoming one of the most anticipated titles for the PS4 owners. The series, beyond some spin-off more or less spot on, always has got a great success and this new chapter seems to have all it takes to attract a large part of the audience. The appeal of the new adventures of Kazuma is also guaranteed by the new engine specifically dedicated to PS4.

According to comments of the studio, the game was created with a new graphics engine made exclusively for PlayStation 4 called Dragon Engine, making Yakuza 6 having a unique look.

In the following videos, you will see the scenario of Onimichi Jingaicho, a place that has several alleys and where we see Kiryu facing different enemies, then take a selfie with his cell phone, which is a Sony Xperia.

Then there is Kamurocho, a place previously shown, where the main attraction is the neon lights and some interesting local. Also, the video shows that if you decide to start a fight in a store, you will destroy the establishment.

Yakuza 6 will debut on January 24, 2017 in Japan, and although there is still no news about its debut in the West, it is very likely that SEGA announces a release date soon.

Check out immediately the streaming videos of Yakuza 6, which were captured by DualShockers below: