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Yakuza 5 pre-order now available on PlayStation 3 including all Japanese DLC

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Yakuza 5 was first released in the year 2012. This game is soon going to come on PS3 in North America with all Japanese DLC for $33.99. You can still pre-order the game through PlayStation Store.

Yakuza 5 was first released in Japan and after quite a long time it came out from the boundaries of a single region. It is a PS3 exclusive game that offers you amazing action adventure based gameplay. There is a short intro video below that gives you a sneak peak of the gameplay and with that also you can check out the developer’s interview. The game will be also coming for the European region with similar features.

Yakuza 5 Screenshot
Yakuza 5 Screenshot

Yakuza 5 is an impressive game with lot of things to uncover. The game was restricted to Japan and now it is ready for other regions also. One extra benefit players will get is the DLCs in single package that came out separately before.

Yakuza 5 has a huge world to explore and takes place around 5 different cities of Japan. The game mostly target criminal’s objectives. It’s like dealing with various mafia groups and making your own way to the top. There are ample of mini games in it like poker, sea fishing, bowling, etc. There is also a customization option through which you can add some new stuff on the game characters, weapons, etc. It is an impressive game with lots of thing to checkout. The video below explains a lot about the same.

Game Features:

Yakuza 5 continues the epic story of Kazuma Kiryu and 4 other protagonists, Haruka Sawamura, Taiga Saejima, Tatsuo Shinada and Shun Akiyama. The saga plays out across 5 major Japanese cities – Tokyo, Osaka, Hakata, Nagoya and Sapporo. Yakuza 5 also features “Another Drama” which is a series of extensive sub-plots that focus on each protagonist. The battle system and customization system have been enhanced from Yakuza 4 and various mini-games are available in the well-known locales from the series including infamous night clubs and popular CLUB SEGA locations.