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Xbox Teases an Announcement Related to Game of Thrones

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A few hours after the arrival of the fourth episode of Game of Thrones on TV, Xbox’s official Twitter profile has shared with its followers a mysterious teaser trailer that heralds the arrival of “something” linked to the important franchise.

A mysterious teaser trailer appeared on the social media channels of the Xbox announcing the arrival of “something” linked to Game of Thrones.

Currently we don’t know what it is, considering that the video (which you can find a little further down) shows only part of the unmistakable Targaryen’s seal on top of what could be a dragon-scaled armor; followed by the phrase “And now your wait begins” in clear reference to the words spoken by the Night Watchers during their oath.

Here is the video:

The most accredited speculation at the moment concerns the possibility that a new Game-of-Thrones-style console can arrive on the market soon (even though we are now close to the end of the console’s life cycle). Another possibility, considered more possible, is that this is the much-rumored new video game being developed by the creators of Dark Souls, FromSoftware, and we also know that the author of The Chronicles of Ice and Fire, George RR Martin, is actively participating (although it has never been mentioned that it is a video game linked to the TV series or novels).

And although there is not much to say yet, but Xbox fans are convinced that the video is probably the beginning of the revelation of a new game title for Games Of Thrones or maybe it is a custom Xbox One console, given to that lately Microsoft has been launching constant prototypes of their consoles to captivate the attention of users. However, the most exciting possibility is that this is for a new game of Game of Thrones. Whatever the correct speculations, it still seems to be an Xbox exclusive.

Waiting to find out what it could be, what do you think about the arrival of something new related to Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments below.