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Xbox survey asks to sell back your digital games to Microsoft


Microsoft gave a thumbs up to the possibility of allowing players to sell their game in digital format on Xbox Live, to be able to reinvest in other games on the online platform of the manufacturer.

Xbox Survey to Resale Digital Games

Microsoft is mulling to enhance its offer on Xbox Live, offering players who have purchased games in digital format to resell their old games in order to have funds to acquire new titles.

Indeed, a member of NeoGAF has posted a screenshot of a survey sent by the manufacturer to the owners of an Xbox gaming console (as seen above). The issue highlights the assumption of selling our games purchased on Xbox Live to 10% of its price.

This would relieve us of the titles on which we will not return, for a price that can be rather small. For example, a game bought to 55 dollars in the online shop would recover us 5.5 dollars for resale.

A question remains, however: the amount received by reselling it would correspond to the initial purchase price, or that originally practiced by the online service of Microsoft? All this obviously remains to be defined, following Microsoft’s decision at the end of the survey.

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