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Xbox Scorpio will not release in August 2017, insider Jez Corden denies rumors

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There has long been talk of a possible release of Xbox Scorpio in August 2017, well ahead compared to the Holiday Season, the typical period of the launch of many new platforms. Jez Corden, Senior Editor of Windows Central, however, has denied this rumor, quoting the launch of Xbox Scorpio before October or November which is totally to be excluded.

The ideal time frame is, according to Jez, from mid-October to mid-November, some Launch Games would in fact need certifications that would arrive before October.

According to some rumors, Scorpio could have come out in August or even earlier but apparently Microsoft will choose a more traditional way even in order to ensure the certification of various games that will support the console, certifications that will take place in October.

Finally, Corden expressed his opinion regarding Scorpio: “Don’t think 4K alone is enough to carry ♏. Needs broadly compelling exclusives, not sure Xbox will have those. Of course, hope I’m wrong.”

To learn more about the launch date, price, design and line-up of Xbox Scorpio we will have to wait for the Microsoft conference at E3 2017, scheduled for Sunday, June 11th at 2 p.m. PT.