Xbox Scorpio will bring “Really True 4K” in their games

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Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing of Xbox, has offered interesting statements during the FanFest brand held in Mexico. Among them, he commented that Xbox Scorpio, the new console from Microsoft, will offer “really true 4K” in games.

Xbox Scorpio

During the Xbox FanFest in Mexico City, Aaron Greenberg reiterated that Project Scorpio will bring the “true 4K” in the world of gaming console.

“This will really bring the most powerful console you’ve ever seen,” commented Greenberg during the festival held in Mexico. “It will bring these really true 4K, really incredible visual games that we’ve never seen before on the console,” he said.

“People who have spent thousands of dollars on a high-end PC are getting that experience. How do we bring that to scale in a console in your living room? That’s a big part of what Project Scorpio is about,” he added. Finally, Greenberg confirmed that all first-party games from Microsoft, will run at native 4K in Scorpio.

“Any games we’re making that we’re launching in the Scorpio time frame, we’re making sure they can natively render at 4K,” he said. We remind you, finally, Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra who recently also confirmed its backwards compatibility with Xbox 360.

Microsoft has been clear about Project Scorpio, the new version of Xbox, which will arrive next year (2017) just for the Christmas period.

As indicated in numerous rumors, Xbox Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever created by having 6 teraflops of capacity, and 8-core CPU with more than 320+ GB/s memory width, something that will allow the 4K game run without visual sacrifices and the high-fidelity of virtual reality. It will also be backwards compatible with the titles of Xbox One, as discussed in the past.


  • Yep, with PS3 remasters or mobile gaming visuals, I want to see a triple a title like Witcher 3 do native 4k then I would be impressed, in other words, the only games that are doing native 4k so far are games that are light on the hardware or last gen remasters, not an impressive record so far, going of the specs of Scorpio, that could do native 4k with most games if they are realistic about the visual settings.

  • Boasting about last gen games being 4k isn’t a great accomplishment, While Scorpio owners will being playing legit current gen AAA titles in 4k you can enjoy your indie, sports, and last gen remasters.

  • ur wrong u been mislead ps4 pro is not native 4k its checkerboarding technique to make it 4k but its not lol

  • I got a PS4PRO and ur claim is extremely exaggerated.

    Sony needs to ditch the “4K” moniker and concentrate on 1080/60/HDR

  • 6 tflops looked a lot, back in 2016 e3.

    By dec 2017, 6tflops will look meh. By that time, graphic cards will come with 16gb of memory, and probably 10-15 tflops.

    With the amd upgrades, and the dual 16bit instructions, sony could already brag and say they are getting 2x 4.1= 8.2tflops, with the ps4 pro.

    The scorpio won’t be powerful enough to render supersample, uncompressed, ultra highdef textures. Like on ps4 pro, MS will have to use techs/tricks like the checkboard rendering, along efficient compression algorithms, and heavy optimization.

    For those thinking they will turn the scorpio on, and play pure 4k, pixar-like graphics, with zero aliasing, huge ultra-highdef textures packs, with 8k x 8k photorealistic textures, with 5 million polygon characters and 100 million polygon levels, with 2’000 animated, own AI enemies/npc’s displayed at once, with crazy particle effects used in holywood movies, 7.1 uncompressed audio, gigantic levels/open world, like 10 times the gta5 map size, with complex dynamic weather,clouds, rain,snow, wind, etc, with lifelike shaders of sand, dust, snow, fire, water, etc, day-night dynamic cycles, perfect clear shadows, full destructible environment, stable 60 fps, all that running with the same quality on the 400-500$ scorpio as on a 4’500$ computer with triple titan z cards…

    … if some guys are expecting all that from the 6tflops Scorpio, with, of course, visuals at least 2-3 times better than anything done on the ps4 pro,
    Well…it’s time to start realizing 6tflops… isn’t a big deal, at the end.

    Meanwhile, sony will have a ps4 pro, to help them remain kings of this gen, and by 2018, they will release a ps5 system, that, if they follow the trend since the ps1, of multiplying the power by 10 ( 20gb of bandwidth , then around 200 of the ps3, around 1.8 for the ps4…), one should expect at least 20tb of badwidth, for the ps5.

    It’s a great time to be a gamer. Too bad the AAA companies fck up everything, with their microtransactions and other anti-gamer cra p.

  • There’s game that run in 4K…
    Not gonna deny that..

    But its not Uncharted running in 4K
    Bloodborne isnt even parched yet..
    Last of Us gets cleaned up nicely, but its still a PS3 game at the end of the day

  • you cant make a definitive statement like PS4 Pro doesn’t do native 4k… then when you can list AT LEAST 10 games where its native 4k say they don’t count! that’s actually pathetic and unfair!

    You cant make a definitive statement then when it’s proven wrong you change the parameters of the definitive statement to make your biased/uneducated opinion seem legit! so what if TLOU is a PS3 game.. it’s a better looking game than 90% of the games released this gen! then you add 4k support to it you must be insane! ANDDD not to mention a game like NBA 2K17 runs native 4k 60FPS which is a ps4 game! or are you going to once again change the parameters on that and say something dumb like “but sports games don’t count”..?

  • Yes u can make that statement because those arent demanding at all.

    If the Last of Us was redone from the ground render in 4K and graphics in 4k.. i would give it more props

    Skyrim is a 2011 game

    NBA2K is a sports game (remember when Xbotz got knocked for this when they brought sports being 1080p/60)

    Why arent , Uncharted, Bloodborne, Driveclub…

    Sony should have bragged about native 1080p/60fps/HDR and 4K just being a bonus…

  • shut up… lool… literally just shut up! you ACTUALLY sound like a dumbass! I DONT CARE WHATS YOUR OPINION! i stated a fact to you! and you reply to me with more idiocy loool…

    just remove yourslef from my notifications your’re actually pathetic!

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