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Xbox Scorpio will be unveiled next week, according to an insider


Jez Corden of claims that Xbox Scorpio will be presented very soon, even within the next week along with the reveal of Forza Motorsport 7. To give further confirmation to the news also arrives Shinobi602, insider who in the past has proven very reliable.

The tweet listed at the bottom speak very clear. Jez Corden writes that Xbox Scorpio will be revealed very soon, maybe by next Saturday (and then several weeks in advance of the E3 2017 conference from Microsoft), and just today we also get further confirmation from Shinobi602: the insider who says that the rumor on Scorpio presentation next week is true, anticipating that the hardware looks really impressive.

According to reports from Corden, the reveal however will not be made directly from Microsoft but from a site that has acquired exclusive rights to the announcement (probably Gameinformer US or Of course we invite you to take the news with proper precaution, waiting for official confirmation or denial.

Meanwhile, we remind you that as per a report the price of Project Scorpio is set to $400 and Forza Motorsport 7 should be announced along with the console.

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