Xbox Scorpio: Users suggest to keep the FPS counter active and visible in the final design

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After the video dedicated to the Dev Kit for the Xbox Scorpio published a few days ago, some players were particularly intrigued by the FPS counter which is shown on the front display of the prototype of the new console of Redmond.

We took a look at the design of the latest Xbox Scorpio last month, but a new video of the beast shows it in action – with an LCD display displaying an FPS counter. Jez Corden of Windows Central shared a video on Twitter , confirming the rumors that the front panel would have some sort of screen.

Some users were very much fascinated and interested in the same features, and hence they have suggested Microsoft to keep it active and visible in the final design of the console.

Microsoft has not officially commented on the matter, although it is not particularly difficult to imagine that the proposal will be declined, since this is a useful feature only to programmers.

Recall that Microsoft will return to present Xbox Scorpio at the forthcoming E3 2017, during which we will definitively discover the design, price, and the console’s launch date for sure.

What do you think about it? Would you like a feature like that? Tell us in the comments below.


  • It would be a cute feature, but genuinely not necessary. I doubt it will be implemented. Only gonna add cost to an already sure to be expensive console in a very competitive market.
    Sites like digital foundry will denote the frames on any big game and players can see with their own eyes how well games will run

  • get a pc if you cant play a game with out a fps counter.

    fyi there are no scorpio users sincs its not launched yet..

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