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Xbox Scorpio Teaser leaked ahead of the announcement at E3 2017

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In the last few hours, it has been leaked on the web (voluntarily or otherwise) three teaser trailer for the presentation of Xbox Scorpio, the new console of Microsoft to be unveiled at E3 2017 at June 11.

Microsoft will unveil its Xbox Scorpio to the public in less than a week, which leaves still a little time to Microsoft to make some teaser related to the new machine as well as to last minute leaks.

Now, Xbox Scorpio teaser trailer had been leaked on the web, the new Microsoft console that will be presented at E3 2017. In fact, there are three teaser trailer.

The video in question, of short-term, leverage the feelings that players can try playing what the Redmond company describes as “The most powerful console in the world.”

The video promoting Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio has recently appeared on multiple YouTube channels. This video, which shows a woman playing Xbox, is accompanied by the slogan “Feel True Power”.

Leaving the vision of the video, we remind you that you can follow the presentation of Xbox Scorpio, as well as all the other conferences of the Los Angeles fair, on our website

About Xbox Scorpio, did you know that Phil Spencer recently said that the console’s goal will be to “impress gamers”? Given these statements and the aforementioned slogan “Feel True Power” it seems that Microsoft feels to have a winner in its hands. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.