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Xbox Scorpio Chip Image Revealed

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It’s only a few days before E3 2017 starts, and that means that we will soon have valuable information about Project Scorpio. At the moment, the Corporate Vice President of the Xbox, Mike Ybarra, warmed up the engines showing an image of the main chip that will operate “the most powerful console in history.”

Through Twitter, Ybarra allowed Xbox fans to have a close look at the Project Scorpio chip. This element we have already seen previously, although we could say that this is the first time that we see it so close.

It was in E3 2016 when Microsoft revealed that it was working on Project Scorpio, and although we had little information during the last year, Eurogamer submitted the console to some technical tests, proving that it will allow to run games in 4K at 60 frames per second.

For now, we know that Project Scorpio will be a premium system that will  deliver the best gaming experience on consoles.” In addition, it will work just like an Xbox One, so you can run all your previous games, the backward compatible titles of Xbox 360 and you will have the opportunity to use all the accessories you have so far.

Fortunately for Xbox fans, there is very little left to know some of the most important details of Project Scorpio, such as price and release date. Therefore, we invite you to stay tuned for the coverage during E3 2017.

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