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Xbox Scorpio Boost mode confirmed by Phil Spencer?

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Project Scorpio could have among other features a mode that will improve the performance of the games currently available on Xbox One.

Project Scorpio continues to inhabit the imagination of many users, especially for the fact that we still know little and not much about it. Every so often, though, some clue comes from one of the leaders of Xbox division of Microsoft.

First source of all is Phil Spencer who recently responded to a user on the Boost mode, present on the PS4 Pro with which you can improve the performance of PS4 games unpatched for the new console.

Obviously the question was about the possibility of having a similar mode even on Project Scorpio. The response of the leader of Microsoft is to read much between the lines, in this there could be a partial confirmation. “I am very confident in the way Scorpio will run existing Xbox One games,” has been declared by Phil Spencer.

In addition, in an other tweet as always, the Microsoft executive has spoken about the line-up of Xbox, cross and delight of many users earlier this year with the cancellation of Scalebound.

Spencer said that in the coming year there will be certainly many more IP than last year, especially thanks to a great diversity.

Microsoft is hiding some super announcement for E3? What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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