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Xbox Scorpio and PS5: According to a developer photorealism will be inevitable

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What graphic fidelity level you can reach by exploiting the full potential of PlayStation 5 and Project Scorpio? This question has been answered by Jamie Fisher, producer of Climax Studios, currently working on Surf World Series.

Speaking to GamingBolt on the subject, Fisher expresses his opinion: “I’m not so fussed about what’s in the box, I’m more interested in the games. So my wish for the next hardware iterations is just that people keep making good stuff for them. Photorealism is an inevitability. If we keep increasing the power of our gaming hardware, which is something we 100% will continue to do, we’ll eventually reach a level where the visuals of a game are capable of photorealism; whether it’s the next generation or not.”

Talking about Xbox Scorpio and PS4, Fisher also stated that “I’m not remotely qualified to speak on that from a business standpoint. But as a consumer, I’d be miffed if the console I bought in the last 3 years was suddenly obsolete. The move to a more iterative model for home consoles is an interesting proposition. So long as the time for which a given generation of a given platform is supported makes owning one worthwhile, and that said support is good; then I don’t see any major issue.”

What do you think of this opinion? Do you agree with the words of Jamie Fisher? Let us know in the comment section below.

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