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Rumor: Xbox Scarlett Won’t Have Exclusive Games but only Cross-Gen for a Few Years

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During this generation, PlayStation 4 has succeeded in obtaining the favorite console scepter from the public and the reasons are many: the lower price, the better pre-release communication and the presence of quality exclusives, which have gradually convinced everyone to abandon PS3 and Xbox 360 in favor of the new console. Microsoft has certainly taken note of this and, in fact, in the last year has reinforced its first party team, creating the Xbox Game Studios, which are constantly expanding. With the advent of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, one might expect a similar approach from the two big giants of the industry.

It may not be so, according to Jez Corden of Windows Central, a journalist famously close to Microsoft and Xbox issues. Corden has in fact published a collection of rumors, from which he made a series of arguments: it is not, therefore, a leak or an insider’s declaration, but it is still very interesting to see what the future of Xbox could be.

According to Corden, in fact, Microsoft intends not to develop titles exclusively for Xbox Scarlett (in the console field, the new games will also be released on PC probably), but could offer a series of cross-gen games and not just for the first few months of the new console. We talk about “at least a few years”.

Since the consoles are similar, in terms of architecture, the games could come out on both platforms, with obvious differences: the version of Xbox Scarlett, for example, could allow the download of texture packages and additional assets that would not be present on Xbox One, in addition to guaranteeing better performance, such as faster loading.

This is not an impossible solution, as it is perfectly in line with Microsoft’s vision of giving players more possibilities in choosing where and how to play. In addition, a lighter generational shift has already been anticipated by Sony: PS5, in fact, will be backward compatible and, probably, there will be various cross-gen titles. Corden’s idea, however, is a very long transition period: What do you think? Do you think it’s possible that Microsoft approaches the Xbox Scarlett in this way? Would you like it? Tell us in the comments below.