Xbox Party Chat App Coming Soon To iOS and Android Devices

Users can now use the Xbox Party Chat application directly from their smartphone. Microsoft, in fact, has introduced support for this feature within the latest beta version of the Xbox app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Thanks to this news, users can continue group chats on Xbox with their friends even when they are physically far away from their consoles. Or, players can chat through their smartphone when they are busy playing and do not want to stop the game.

In essence, the arrival of Xbox Party Chat support within the console for smartphone application will allow Xbox users to enjoy more freedom and to continue chatting with their friends at any time of the day. The Xbox Party Chat feature has been around for a long time on all Xbox One consoles, but users have always complained about the impossibility of being able to continue their chat even through the mobile app.

To be able to manage the chats it was always necessary to turn on the console. Luckily, Microsoft listened to its users’ requests and decided to bring the chat feature into the Xbox app for Android and iOS smartphones.

As highlighted at the beginning, this new feature is only available within the beta versions of the Xbox app. The Redmond house has not announced a specific release date for the public to enjoy this feature, but it is likely that the wait is not very long.

Within a few weeks, it is reasonable to expect that support for Xbox Party Chat on smartphones will reach everyone soon.