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Xbox One’s Windows 10 update rolls out on November 12

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Windows 10 is about to land on Xbox One! And it will happen from 12th November. Microsoft has finally confirmed the arrival date of the new OS on its Xbox One, namely the suitable operating system of Windows 10. It will be available on November 12, and loyal players to Microsoft for several years will be rewarded, since this update will unlock including the backward compatibility of the gaming console to Xbox 360 titles.

Xbox One's Windows 10 Update
Xbox One’s Windows 10 Update

The update called New Xbox Experience One (NXOE) brings features of Windows 10 and its looks to the console. It is also accompanied by the backward compatibility of the console with some games – from a hundred – of the Xbox 360.More generally, the update will allow Microsoft to unify its system through the platforms to facilitate the development of universal applications and allow more interaction between machines with Windows 10.

Beta testers have already been given an opportunity to pre-install the versions of this new interface in Windows 10. NXOE was indeed released in beta this summer, just when Windows 10 came out officially for computers and tablets. This new interface will also result in a more smooth and fast navigation. While navigating through the current interface of the console is in horizontal mode, it will also make a vertical scrolling. The opportunity will be also presented to enjoy the Xbox One with DirectX 12 with consequent promises of improved performance, similar to those found and considered on PC.

NXOE initially was not accompanied by the personal assistant Cortana which is now also available on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. It should not happen before 2016 on Xbox One. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, however, has recently announced that Cortana will be accessible to members of Xbox Preview Program from December 2015.

The arrival of Windows 10 on Xbox One will be accompanied by a new store shared in four categories: Applications, Games, Movies and Series together with Music. Along with this, we can eventually expect to see the OS of Xbox One evolve together with the big updates planned for Windows 10 and including that of next year known by Redstone.