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Xbox One’s new update will allow you to turn off Startup Sound

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Through Twitter, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, head of programming of Xbox LIVE, said that soon they are going to release an update that lets you turn off the sound that your console makes at startup.

Xbox One visited at
Xbox One visited at

With the next firmware update of the Xbox One, the start-up sound will be modified for the console or can be completely shut off.

Accordingly, Major Nelson showed some pictures of the options that will arrive soon “We’ve heard feedback re: the Xbox One startup chime. Here is a preview of how we’ll address it in an upcoming update,” said Hryb. “Here is what the drop down options will look like. This option is NOT available’s coming in a future update.”

For now, no information on when this update will be available, but we assume it will not take long.

In related information, this week we learned that Xbox One was the best selling console in the US in July, which meant a great achievement for Microsoft, because Sony was the absolute ruler of this category with PlayStation 4.

The most interesting part is that this happened just before the departure of the Xbox One S. It seems that, contrary to the predictable, the new model will not negatively affect sales of its predecessor.

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In addition, Microsoft stated that the overall number of hours of play on Xbox totaled to 1.55 billion, ie; 18% more than last year.