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Xbox One X won’t have a Boost Mode like PS4 Pro, Dashboard will have less major changes

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Answering a question on Twitter, Mike Ybarra explained that Xbox One X will not have a Boost Mode like that of PlayStation 4 Pro: all Xbox One games will still be better in “automatic” mode on Xbox One X, even if there is no official support.

These are words of Ybarra on Twitter: “There isn’t a “boost mode” – it’s always allowing games to use the full HW. Older games will be better, etc.”

Ybarra did not give many details, but he reiterated that all the games for Xbox One and Xbox One S will enjoy some benefits on Xbox One X, regardless of the release of patches and specific updates from developers.

In another post, Ybarra himself pointed out that the user interface of Xbox One will have less major changes in the future, but Microsoft will make the whole thing much more stable.

We remember that Xbox One X will be available from 7th November at a price of $499.99 dollars, and pre-orders are now open on Amazon and at major retailers.