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Xbox One X will not include a free Kinect adapter

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Microsoft’s camera device Kinect that was bundled with the original Xbox One triggered a higher price than the competition, and hence there were some problems on the market at its launch time.

At first, Microsoft was keen on removing Kinect from the box and then decided that it was the right thing to do-which, in turn, allowed the company to lower the price list by about 100€.

With the arrival of Xbox One S and Kinect no longer included as an accessory to the console, the Redmond home decided to launch a promotion that until March last year allowed the users to get a free Kinect adapter that would allow the device to be connected to the platform.

This same initiative, however, will not be re-launched at the launch of Xbox One X, which then moves further away from Kinect: considering the advent of virtual reality, Microsoft’s increased headset efforts and the ever smaller number of games that they take advantage of the device, there will be very few people willing to pay for the adapter to use on the enhanced console.

In short, Microsoft’s decision puts a further strain on the device, less perceived as indispensable for those who want to enjoy the gaming experience offered by the Xbox universe.

We’ll see if the situation is going to fall in the future, or if Kinect’s production is set to stop. If so, it would be the second such news these days, considering that on Monday, Microsoft has also formalized its plans for the mobile world, declaring that Windows Phone is dead.