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Xbox One X will have HDMI 2.1 certification

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Xbox One X, the unleashed beast of Microsoft, will come into our lives on November 7 this year. The new hardware of the North American company is focused on a very specific audience, the one who wants it all. In addition, as confirmed the certification for the new HDMI 2.1 standard will be carried out before the launch of the machine.

Microsoft continues to offer details on the hardware features of Xbox One X. The new console from the Redmond company will have HDMI 2.1 certification when it hits stores in November.

Microsoft has already achieved 2.0 certification and expects to achieve 2.1 certifications before the release takes place.

The difference between these two variants is remarkable: it would move to a bandwidth of 18Gbits per second at 48Gbits, more than double in numerical terms. In essence, this technology allows reaching resolutions of 7680 x 4320 for 8K with 60Hz or 3840 x 2160 for 4K at 120 Hz.

This means that once Xbox One X goes on sale, the Microsoft console will have a much higher bandwidth through the HDMI port.

Mike Ybarra of Microsoft has confirmed on Twitter that the certification process is still underway because the hardware requirements “have not yet been completely finalized”.

Xbox One X will hit stores on November 7.