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Xbox One X will be the beginning of a new stage for Microsoft

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Although Phil Spencer could not be present at gamescom 2017, Xbox did not stop having its presence in the European event and the responsibility was in the hands of Mike Ybarra, who was in charge of answering the doubts and comments of media and fans regarding the present and future of Microsoft and its games division.

The echoes of the event are still present and recently VG24/7 published an interview that they made with the vice president of the Xbox and Windows game divisions.

One of the topics covered in the interview with Mike Ybarra was the change that Microsoft is making to profile its game experience to the side of the titles that work as a service and are based on online multiplayer.

So, according to that, Ybarra revealed that the arrival of Xbox One X will mark the starting point of a new idea for the game division of Microsoft that will be based on feedback with players, which will seek to satisfy their requests: “In terms of where we go from here… the early questions that we’re asking ourselves back in Redmond now… it’ll all be based on kind of the feedback we get from gamers as to what they want. We’re seeing a lot of push for just innovation in multiplayer, the kind of thing we discussed before – how does this watch, plus these scenarios of people playing together no matter where they are, and how this all fits together. I really like some of the feedback we get there.”

At the same time, the Microsoft executive said that this new stage, being based on the feedback and desires of players, could bring new features to their gaming platforms consistently: “We see on the feedback site, we see people vote up features like that. We always look at it, talk to partners about it – we really use the feedback to determine prioritization of where we should go and invest. All of the latest cloud technology that’s out – we’re looking at all of that. There’s nothing specific that we can talk about here, but we certainly look at all of those trends and look into how we can take advantage of them.”

Do you agree with the new direction that the games division in Microsoft will take?

Xbox One X will release on November 7 this year.