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Analyst: Xbox One X Overtakes PS4 Pro In The US, 35 Million Xbox One Sold Worldwide

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There has not been an official Xbox One sales figure for years. However, today a number makes the round, which comes from the analyst Daniel “ZhugeEx” Ahmad. Xbox One would have reached 35 million units sold globally, while it seems that Xbox One X would have overtaken PlayStation Pro in the United States.

That is, at least, what has been pointed out by the renowned industry analyst belonging to Niko Partners, Daniel ‘ZhugeEx’ Ahmad, on the ResetEra forums.

According to Ahmad, the global sales of Xbox One would be close to the figure of 35 million units. When asked about its source, he replied that these numbers are based on NPD data, which has not been made public.

Another interesting point is that, apparently, Xbox One X, the updated version and most powerful console of Microsoft, would have overtaken PlayStation 4 Pro in the US market when both releases were aligned. “In the US, when launch aligned, yes. The One X got off to a really good start,” ZhugeEx stated.

Microsoft stopped publishing its hardware sales numbers in 2015, indicating that it would focus on Xbox Live subscriptions and the number of active monthly users as its primary action to measure its success. However, EA accidentally mentioned in 2016 that the console had sold 18 to 19 million units.