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Xbox One X and Xbox One S Will Offer Support for 1440p Resolution

Microsoft will introduce on Xbox One the support to the resolution familiar to PC players, or 1440p.

In the times of 4K screens and ultra-panoramic monitors, it is increasingly common for the 1440p resolution to emerge as a method to offer video games and the like. However, to date, Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles did not offer this resolution in their image configurations. Now, Microsoft, confirms that both Xbox One S and Xbox One X will offer support for 1440p resolution through its HDMI output.

The statements come from Kevin Gammill, the programming engineer on Xbox, who has confirmed the support through Twitter. While it had been speculated and he himself came to confirm that it would arrive on Xbox One X, it is now when we know that it will also arrive on Xbox One S, the basic model of Xbox. “Many questions recently around the timing of our 1440p support,” he explained. “Those of you in our early preview ring should be pleasantly surprised very soon if you have an Xbox One S or Xbox One X,” he added.

In the same way, moreover, we also refer to the fact that very soon it will be possible to try everything thanks to the testing program of the Xbox One operating system.

But, why is this solution important? We speak of a resolution that many players use and that over the years, has become popular on PC thanks to the panoramic monitors and special proportions designed for gaming.

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