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Xbox One X Sells Only 1,344 Units In Japan In Its Launch Week

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A few days ago, we found ourselves talking about the launch of Xbox One X, which according to report by Japanese retailers could mark a shock for the Xbox consoles on the market: all the units were sold out and it was not clear why it was too small for the number. Unfortunately, Japanese friends seem not to have realized the existence of the new Microsoft console, as it managed to sell just 1,344 units.

In fact, the market data from 6 to 12 November speak only of 1,344 Xbox One X’s sold all over Japan in the launch week. To understand this, the Nintendo Switch sold 79,958 units in the same week.

At the time of its launch, Switch sold more than 329,000 consoles, while the other console, PS4 Pro, sold 12,421 units in its first week.

Check the Hardware Sales in Japan below (in brackets are the sales numbers of the previous week):
1. Switch – 79,958 (64,387)
2. PlayStation 4 – 20,021 (21,830)
3. New 2DS XL – 10,323 (11,116)
4. New 3DS XL – 7,296 (7,914)
5. PlayStation 4 Pro – 6,037 (6,993)
6. PlayStation Vita – 3,210 (3,576)
7. 2DS – 1,484 (1,539)
8. Xbox One X – 1,344 (New entry)
9. New 3DS – 266 (287)
10. Xbox One – 121 (114)
11. PlayStation 3 – 41 (56)
12. Wii U – 36 (38)

While Japan remains an extremely difficult ground to win, Microsoft can comfort itself with great sales in the UK where Xbox One X is making excellent numbers.

We will see if and how the data will change in the coming weeks and with the approximation of holidays.

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