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Xbox One X Final Retail Version Unboxing Video and Comparison With PS4 Pro Revealed

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Xbox One X is about to hit stores. The new Microsoft console will go on sale on November 7 officially and on the web, the first unboxing of the platform are already arriving.

Digital Foundry has been one of the means that has had early access to the new machine of the Redmond to perform its unboxing before the release takes place.

The hardware experts devote an eight-minute video to take the console out of the box, to compare it with other machines in the market like the Xbox One S, the original Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 Pro and analyze its structure and everything that the console incorporates in its package: cables, controllers, manuals, connection slots, etc.

If you look closely, Xbox One X has a size very similar to other Xbox models, but in this case, the differences reside more in the edges of the machine, which has an architecture based on the Scorpio Engine, the new chip developed in collaboration with AMD.

Regarding the CPU we have 8 custom cores of Jaguar Evolved at a speed of 2.3 GHz, which is a big improvement over the 1.75 GHz of Xbox One. To that, they have added 12GB of GDDR5 RAM to 320 Gigabits and a GPU of 40 computing units at 1,172 MHz.

Xbox One X goes on sale this November with two editions, Project Scorpio Edition that commemorates the codename of the console and the Standard Edition.

According to Microsoft, the demand to get the machine is high in major world markets. It is an advanced version of Xbox One in hardware with greater power and capacity to execute the games.

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Check out the unboxing video of the final retail version of Xbox One X below: